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    I am getting an autoupdater error saying that an autoupdater is assigned but not installed and the guid that it gives is %3.

    Don Jensen

      I have a combo auto-updater that I have assigned on this relationship class.  If I un-assign this combo updater then the error goes away.  Reassign it and it comes back.  We have rebuilt the relationship and this solved the problem for a short while but it keeps coming back.  I have also change the GUID but to no avail.  The GUID is Guid("0D6945B3-C338-4D20-95B6-E61792FC05D4")].  Normally when I see this error there is a complete GUID that I can then investigate.  What is %3? Where are auto-updater assignments stored and how can I solve this problem?  We are trying to implement Designer Express and this is preventing us from commissioning features with related records.