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    Hyperconvergence- Nutanix

      We are looking into a new hyperconvergence platform by a company called Nutanix.  The site is nutanix.com. They are a Dell partner and offer different levels of service etc.  They support three hypervisors, VMware, Hyper V and their own product called Acropolis.  We currently run ArcGIS Server Enterprise on a virtual server using Hyper V and a standalone server for ArcFM / Esri license and the sde databse using SQL Server plus another standalone server for Responder Services.   I need to find out if Schneider Electric has tested the Nutanix platform and what hypervisors I can use.  I would like to create VM's for Responder etc using Acropolis but need to find out if this is possible. I’m trying to plan next year’s budget and need to find out additional information.