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    Moving ArcFM gdb to an sde

    Stafin Duncan


      Technical Support

      We've recently completely configured a file gdb for ArcFM with all the necessary field model names, domains, auto updaters and the likes. However, we usually work within an enterprise environment. We also know how to move from one file geodatabase to another using ArcFM xml export/import and loading system tables.
      My question: Is moving the ArcFM file gdb to an sde similar in process? Can I quickly receive in point form, the steps to move to the sde? We use SQL Server and our enterprise environment is fully set up and we have had sde databases hosted before, so you can assume background knowledge. We just want to make sure we move to the enterprise environment successfully. If the process can be explained in written steps, please help us with that.



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          Juul Dijkstra

          Hi Stafin,


          My name is Juul with GIS Support group. To address your question, moving an FGDB to an SDE instance is not as clear as a step-by-step workflow. This is mainly due to permissions, versioning schemes, and other schema options that might come into play during a migration. As such, this kind of workflow is usually handled by our services team and not by our support group. Technical Support can help if the services team run into an issue during the process, but we don't oversee nor facility the process in its entirety.


          As such, I advice you to contact your account manager Thiago Carvalho to process such a request to our services team.


          Kind Regards,