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    Responder Silent Installation

    Darris Friend

      We are upgrading existing and adding new users to Responder v10.2.1c. I scripted the process to be silent so we can deploy to remote computers. I noticed Responder Archive is not installed by default but can be installed using the MSI manually. What are the parameters to silent install all of Responder using msiexec.exe ?

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          Darris Friend

          Shawn Leingang or Matthew St. John I reviewed the installation documents and could not find the parameters to silently install all of the Responder products. Can you provide some guidance?


          This is my current command line for the silent installation. errCode = oWSH.Run ("msiexec /i " & SOURCE_PATH & "\Responder_1021c_3135\ResponderClient_1021c_3135.msi /qn /l*v " & InstallLogPath, 0, true)


          I noticed for the ArcGIS Desktop MSI it has the optional parameter ADDLOCAL=ALL. Does the Responder MSI have the same option?