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    Electric Switchable/Protective Device Normal Position Question

    Ed Blair

      Hello –


      Both the standard ArcGIS Electric model and the ArcFM Multispeak model have three fields to describe the normal status of a switchable device (NORMALPOSITION_[A|B|C] and POS_A|B|C respectively).  In practice the fields can be named MANNY, MOE and JACK as long as they are assigned the NORMALPOSITION_A|B|C field model names – which is how ArcFM knows what field holds what.


      If a company wants to maintain a single status field rather than separate fields by phase, do we get the same results if the model names NORMALPOSITION_A|B|C are all assigned to a single STATUS field? 


      In some limited testing this seems to provide the desired results.  Wondering if anyone is doing this or tried it and found any adverse effects?