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    Desktop object reader 10.2.1c

    Gwen Wolph

      Where can I download the object reader version 10.2.1c that will install on machines that only have ArcGIS Desktop?  All of the links that I can find for 10.2.1c give me a file that requires ArcGIS Server to be installed.  I am using Desktop 10.4.1, and need to be able to consume ArcFM data from our enterprise geodatabase.

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          Juul Dijkstra

          Hi Gwen,


          This link should contain both the 32bit Object Reader (for ArcGIS Desktop) and 64bit Object Reader (for ArcGIS Server).

          Let me know if you are not able to see the page.


          The 32bit Object Reader does NOT require ArcGIS Server; only the 64bit Object Reader does.


          If you are not able to install the 32bit Object Reader please log a support case so we can investigate the issue. Thanks!


          - Juul