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    Series V (M) protocol questions

    David Elliott

      Good Morning All,

      i have a case where due to construction in a substation i have a with an old Micro1/C Rtu that has been slaved to a new Sage 2400 running S02J2 firmware. We are currently in the process of upgrading both our software from Series V to DNP as well as upgrading that sub and all associated hardware, i.e. breakers, rtu, transformer. Therefore, I installed this about 3 weeks ago and everything has been fine until Monday it appears that the Sage has quit polling the Micro1/C but shows no error messages. the sage is responding to  the  DNP master station and the M1/C is responding to the Series 5 Master station the M1/C is replicating the same data out both S5 ports.



      Is there something i am missing in the settings that would have caused a random failure, it worked for 18 days the first time and about an hour the second time after a reset




      David Elliott

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          Abe Chandrabose



          If the SAGE 2400 that is configured as the Series V Master gets into a state where it does not poll the Micro 1C, can you connect to 2400's console session?  Once you're connected type in a lowercase "i" (no quotes) and look for the task SVM COM X (X=Serial Port #) and let us know what the status is for that task (PEND, PEND+T, DELAY, etc.).  After that can you run a data trap on the Series V Master serial port?  Can you also provide the RTU's System Log and configuration?  If you are able to gather the requested data and can you send it to abe.chandrabose@schneider-electric.com?


          Some customers that were running the J2 firmware mentioned they were experiencing some communication performance issues, and it was traced to an issue with RTU's Command Log that caused some tasks to stall or crash.  A bug fix was published in the K0_P5 firmware for that particular issue.  For customer's that are not able to easily perform a firmware upgrade, we recommended to keep the RTU's Command Log enabled, but to turn all logging off.  I don't know if this is applicable in your case, but could you try to update the 2400's firmware to K0_P5 or configure the RTU's Command Log parameters to the recommended settings and see if this makes a difference?


          Thank you