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    Detail number labels are not showing up on map insets.

    Tami Onstad

      Our user are utilizing the ArcFM Map Book Explorer to create maps with both large and small detail insets.  Problem - the main map in the PDF will show the label (i.e. See Detail 1) but the inset map at the top right is missing the text label (i.e. DETAIL 1).  This was not happening a couple of months ago, and we cannot determine where the label for the inset is supposed to come from, and why it would suddenly turn off.


      Top picture is a clip from the main map, label is showing correctly.  Second picture is the inset details - neither inset has a title/label for Detail 2.  In the third picture at the bottom I show the ArcFM Inset Frame Properties for the template being used.  I have tried turning on the 'Show Inset Captions' (which seems to be off by default) but it does not solve the problem.  Any ideas are welcome, and I apologize in advance because this case could be tricky.  CSU ArcFM is pretty heavily customized and we have no documentation and folks that set this up are long gone.




      Tami Onstad