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    Fiber Trace Error Message

    David Meek

      In trying to run Fiber Trace I'm getting the following error pop-up:




      The highlighted fiber looks like:




      Is this indicative of a missing parent value?



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          If you run the fiber trace from a different starting patch panel or pop does it execute correctly or do you recieve a similar message (incomplete highlight result) as noted above?

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            Tim Szekely

            Hi David,


            This error typically means that some top-level object that contained connections (e.g. a riser, or a splice location) has been deleted, but the connections that were housed at that location were not removed.  This results in lingering "zombie" entries in the fiber connection table; even if updated entries have since been added to connect the current fiber objects in a new splice, patch location, or riser, the trace routines may stumble across the original connections instead of the new intended ones.


            The first thing to do, is to make sure that all reconcile conflicts have been resolved via the Fiber Manager Conflict Resolution tool.  This might help remove some duplicate entries in the connection table that have been added due to posts to the common parent version from sibling edit versions.


            If this doesn't fix things, there may be some lingering connection entries to clean up.  This can happen when the proper work-flows for Fiber Manager are not observed, or if there is a minor misconfiguration and the "ArcFM Fiber Object Deleted" AU is missing from the "On Delete" event of some Fiber Manager feature or table.


            This is a good topic for a support case, as finding out why this happened is an important step and fixing the issue may be a delicate operation not recommended for those without complete familiarity with the Fiber Manager data tables.  One of us would be happy to help you with this whenever you are available for a screen sharing session to take a closer look at the Fiber Manager data on your side.