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    Issue in using ArcFMServices licence to enable tracing in ArcFM Web

    Omar Fathy



      We are trying to enable Tracing Functionality in ArcFM Web 4.5 so we installed ArcFMServices Licence (Which contains ArcFM Server License bundled with a sale of ArcFM Web) as suggested by Neil Batchelor , Dave Magee and  Matthew Crooks at this post:  Does it require ArcFM Server License to enable Tracing functionality at ArcFM Web 4.5 ? .

      We also installed ArcFM for server 10.2.1c, registered SOE and enabled ArcFMMap Server Capability for the Electric Map Service.

      We tried to set the licence server for ArcFM Web but we got an  error which is attached.

      The problem now is that, Tracing functionality still not working as we got the "Failed to check out ArcFM Server Licence".

      The following is a sample request sent to ArcGIS Server requesting tracing results but fails as per the attached image:



      How can we use the ArcFMServices licence to enable the tracing in ArcFM Web?

      In other words. How can we make ArcGIS for Server (tracing capability) able to check out the ArcFMServices licence which is already installed?


      Marwan Kaakour, Mazen Anouty, Wassim Ezzeddine, Elias Chahine, Mohammad Alselek

      Thank you;