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    MM_EDITED_FEATURES isn't being updated on test machines

    Jake Bradley

      At some point during a 10.2.1b upgrade, FM2 silently stopped updating MM_EDITED_FEATURES on our test VMs. ArcMap doesn't display any errors, there don't seem to be any relevant errors in the Miner event log, and of course when we check the table itself there are no feature edits logged for the session. It still works, however, on our development VM doing the exact same things, on the same database, with the same users - although we haven't modified anything that would alter FM2's behavior to my knowledge.


      Has anyone run into something like this before? What could cause this to happen?



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      Here's what we've checked so far:

      1. Same database is used for dev and test (marlins, works on dev, not on test)
      2. Procedure with admin and editor accounts work on dev vm, not on test vm.
      3. AUs are configured, no errors from missing AUs.
      4. Network features are ArcFM-ified.
      5. FM2 is enabled and set to sync.