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    Hi there.


      One of our customers need some help to interperate an error message which occurred during a receconcile process:


      From GDBM:

      Out of server memory [SDE.GDB_ItemRelationships]


      at ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.IVersionEdit4.Reconcile4(String VersionName, Boolean
      acquireLock, Boolean abortIfConflicts, Boolean ChildWins, Boolean ColumnLevel)

      at Miner.Geodatabase.GeodatabaseManager.VersionProcessor.ReconcileVersion(IVersion
      version, String targetVersionName, Boolean acquireLocks, Boolean
      abortIfConflicts, Boolean childWins, Boolean columnLevel,
      VersionProcessInformation versProcInfo, Boolean& conflicts, Boolean&


      Logfile for GDBM service….

      1. 23.08.2016
        22:23:22 : Error on service timer elapsed event: Exception of type
        'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
      2. 23.08.2016
        22:23:42 : Service timer elapsed event 23.08.2016 22:23:42.


      Best regards

      Egil B. Lein