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    Does it require ArcFM Server License to enable Tracing functionality at ArcFM Web 4.5 ?

    Omar Fathy

      I installed and authorized ArcFM Web 4.5 successfully. I added the tracing tab at the web viewer but the tracing functionality did not work. I got the following information from the ArcGIS server logs:

          - Failed to check out an ArcFM Server license.


      I also got the following result sfter calling tracing capability using rest :

         - Request: http://my_arcgis_server/arcgis/rest/services/DPC/Electric/MapServer/exts/ArcFMMapServer/Electric%20Trace?phasesToTrace=Any&draw…

         - Response: {"error":{"code":500,"message":"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."}}


      Kindly, I need to know if it is required to have ArcFM Server Licence authorized to be able to do the electric tracing? or the tracing capability is included at the ArcFM Web licence?