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    Configuring ArcFM Mobile for offline usage

    Omar Fathy


      Hope@ you are all doing well.

      I would like to configure ArcFMMobile for IPad to workoffline. I have 2 servers, first one, where ArcGIS for Server 10.2.1  is installed

      and Feature services is published with Sync operation enabled. The second server where I have installed ArcFM Sync service which need to be configured as the following URL




      Kindly, I have the following questions regarding the Post-Install Configuration:


      • Do I have to install arcFM Sync service at the same server where feature service is published or is it ok with my current status?



          <!-- Connection String that Schneider Electric has provided to you -->

          <add key="Microsoft.ServiceBus.ConnectionString" value="!!! REQUIRED !!!" />

      • where can I get the value for this Key ?


        -  <!-- Storage location where the replica data should be stored. This can be either a network share or a local file path -->

           <add key="NetworkFileStorage.StorageLocation" value="!!! REQUIRED !!!" />

      • I need the confirmation that this path can be at the second server where the ArcFM Sync service is published and it is shared


        - <!-- The URL from which a mobile client can reach this service. The default value is a functional template that will substitute the computer name and domain. -->

         <!-- If there is a DNS entry that will resolve to this machine, use that address, fully replacing the '{' values. For example: https://mygis.server.com/ArcFM.Mobile.SyncService -->

         <add key="NetworkFileStorage.WebsiteAddress" value="https://{COMPUTERNAME}.{USERDNSDOMAIN}/ArcFM.Mobile.SyncService" /> 

      • How will arcfm mobile client know about this service ?


         - Manage SSL certificate

      • Regarding this part, How can I get the SSL certificate to be installed and is it a mandatory step?


      Thank you.