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    No active checkout for user rxapp feature ResponderDataServices checkin failed

    Sonya Jones

      User reported he was initially unable to launch ArcMap, then Responder.  Triage of Rx client revealed that he was not able to obtain an ArcFM license.  Note: this error is unique the a specific user.  No other users who login to this PC experience this issue.


      Failure Code:               ClientServer Failure

      Feature Requested:     ResponderDispatcher

      A license for this feature could no be acquired. For further details on the cause of this failure click the <Details> button below. This failure has been entered into the event log for your records.


      "Check out request for feature ResponderDispatcher failed.

      SERVER: cotrxbusp1.city.talgov.com

      FAILURE: Client/Server Failure - license server is either unreachable, not running or not specified"


      Error from LicenseService: 


      2016-08-15 10:19:41,161 [54] ERROR Miner.LicenseManagement.LicenseServer [(null)] - LicenseException Checkin Failure.

      1. Miner.LicenseManagement.Exceptions.AuditorTokenFailure: No active checkout for user rxapp feature ResponderDataServices checkin failed.

         at Miner.LicenseManagement.LicenseAuditor.RemoveCheckOut(String FeatureName, String UserName, String MachineName, Int64 LicenseCount)

         at Miner.LicenseManagement.LicenseServer.CheckIn(String FeatureName, Int64 NumLicenses, String UserName, String MachineName, String Cookie)