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    What permissions/settings control the enabling of the "Open Design" button in WorkFlow Manager.

    Susan Smith-Lee

      I am setting up a clone of a clients oracle sde database to perform some analysis on their arcfm designer versions.   The database export did not include the list of users and grants, so I attempted to create a valid user using roles that I found in the database.   I ensured that the user has full access by selecting all of the Roles available in the Process Framework Admin tool.   


      Using the user that I created I am able to login into ArcFM and start Workflow Manager, view a list of Work Requests, Designs and CUs.   I am able view Work Requests in "My Work".  However, when I click on any of the designs inside the Work Request the "Open Design" button is never enabled.


      Can you tell me what settings control the activation/inactivate of the "Open Design" button?