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    Recording of the What's New in ArcFM 10.2.1c Webinar now available

      Hi All,


      In case you missed the webinar last Wednesday hosted by Matthew Crooks, Jon Fairchild, and Chris Friede, and myself, we've now posted the recording in exchange.  You can find it here:

      What's New in ArcFM 10.2.1c and ArcFM Mobile.


      It goes into some of the changes we made in Responder to improve performance in prediction, on the Responder Client, and in incident management as well as functional improvements to Responder.  It also covers changes in ArcFM, Designer, desinger Express, ArcFM Mobile for iPad and Windows, improvements to the mobile sync services, and a quick overview of our new Maps and Apps space in exchange - ArcFM Solution Maps and Apps .