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    Can I Install ArcFM Mobile on IPad using local Operational Map Services?

    Omar Fathy


      I would like to ask if I can use local operational map which is not accessible through internet to create new Task Type?

      If yes, what are the steps to do so?.



      I want to install and configure ArcFM mobile on IPad using my local map service which is not accessible from internet ie: http://myservername:6080/arcgis/rest/services/ElectricMapService/MapServer

      from the IPad, I logged into ArcFM Mobile Portal at administration tab, I added my local map service URL at the operational maps and it looked offline.

      at the task types tab , I added a new type but i got "404 error failed to download layers ". Are there any way to configure ArcFM mobile to work with local map service? what are the steps to do so?


      Thanks you;

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          Jon Fairchild

          Hi Omar,


          The short answer is, you need to configure ArcFM Mobile for offline operation, and then link your task types to your sync-enabled feature services.


          ArcFM Mobile Configuration Guide


          Juul Dijkstra

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            Aubrey Stalnaker

            Hi Omar, most likely your issue is that your browser has not been configured to allow "mixed mode".  The ArcFM Mobile Portal operates over https, while your local map service operates over http.  Browsers do not allow you to access http content while you are on a site operating over https unless you tell the browser to allow it.  This can be done a variety of different ways depending on which browser you are using.  Unfortunately, after doing some research, it seems that iOS does not provide you a way to do this.  So, I would recommend that you access the ArcFM Mobile Portal from a desktop computer or laptop rather than your iPad to configure your task types and maps.  If you use Chrome to access the ArcFM Mobile Portal, you should be able to "Allow unsafe scripts" when configuring your Task Type.  Take a look at this Knowledge Base Article for details on how to do that: ArcFM Mobile Troubleshooting Guide .  If you use Internet Explorer to access the Portal, you will need to tell the browser to "Show All Content" (see screenshot below).  If you need further assistance, you can always open a support case and one of our Tech Support team members will be happy to help you!  GIS Support