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    Fiber Splice Schematics - is anyone using them?

    David Booth

      If you are, I'd sure like to see what your schematic looks like in a busy splice case. We're not using them, but that's only because I cannot find a way to make any practical use of all but the simplest of splice diagrams. Once you add in a couple of 288fo cables, maybe a 432 and then a few laterals off of those, the schematic is basically worthless - there's no way I can hand out that mess of information to a field crew and expect them to decipher it. In addition, if it's for a splicing work order then it requires me to sketch up or show the work to be done and make it stand out. I've tried quite a few things to style the schematic and make it more legible, but ultimately all my efforts have failed. Is anyone successfully using splice schematics from Fiber Manager in the real world? Please share...thanks, Dave


      In lieu of using ArcFM splice schematics, we're still stuck putting together splicing diagrams to hand out to field crews using Excel - and it's a huge waste of time and resources since we continue to have to maintain that information in two separate places - Excel and ArcFM.

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          Assaf Kahana

          Hello David,

          In may case, Fiber splice schematicsthe is readable and can be used for cables with Max. 48 fibers and when 2-4 cabels are connected. In case of 144F/288F or more than 4 cables connected the schema is not good for using or even printing. 

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              David Booth

              Thanks Assaf, and that confirms my issue with schematics - how useful are they with fiber counts of 144 or more? (which most of them are on backbone cases). I'm kind of curious why this has never been addressed by Schneider - it's the one feature of the Fiber Manager program that has failed to live up to expectations, yet it's certainly something that would be incredibly useful if there was a better method for generating/displaying/printing splice connections. The Splice Report really doesn't show it much better either.

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              Neil Batchelor

              Hi folks,


              One thing you can do to improve is to just delete the part of the cable that just passes through.  When you create the schematic the first time, you're presented with the following...


              If you go in and delete the parts of the cable that you don't need/want, you can clean it up to look like this...


              If you zoom in on the schematic, you can see the circuit IDs...


              I'm also CCing Brian Mckelvey, our Fiber product manager.  He can chat with you more about this offline as well.


              Thanks, Neil