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    FdrMgrNonTraceable on electric devices?

    Sarah Rose

      For the electric data model, is it possible to assign the FdrMgrNonTraceable field/model name to FuseBanks? Can this functionality be assigned to point features? What are the possible ramifications to the geometric network or fuses if this is done? Thanks for your help!

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          Christopher Cwiek

          FM2.0 supports the FDRMGRNONTRACEABLE model name on edges and junctions.

          FM1.0 supports the FDRMGRNONTRACEABLE model name on edges only.


          I am not aware of any ramifications to the network or fuses if the FDRMGRNONTRACEABLE is added to the fuse but remember that when the FDRMGRNONTRACEABLE attribute is set to YES, the feature is consider de-energized and will not be assigned a feederid.  Having the ability to prevent tracing at the device level provides more granularity.


          Hope this helps,

          Christopher Cwiek

          DTE Energy