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    Unable to Start Editing when a QueryLayer is the first layer in the ToC

    Cory Williams

      Hi all,

      I was just curious if anyone else might be able to test this to see if they're seeing the same behaviour?


      I'm currently running ArcFM 10.2.1b SP1 Build 2265.


      I have added a QueryLayer to the map (As I'm wanting to visualise all patch panels which have been added with a RackPosition -1)


      So I've added the following query:


      select top 100 percent

           pp.Name as p_name,

           r.Name as r_name,

           pl1.Name as pl1_name,

           pl2.Name as pl2_name,



                when pl1.shape is null then pl2.shape else pl1.shape

           end as shape

      from gis.F_PatchPanel_evw pp

           left outer join gis.F_Rack_evw r on pp.FiberParent = r.GlobalID

           left outer join gis.PatchLocation_evw pl1 on r.FiberParent = pl1.GlobalID

           left outer join gis.PatchLocation_evw pl2 on pp.FiberParent = pl2.GlobalID


      where pp.rackposition = -1


      order by 4,3,2,1


      They layer typically gets added to the top of the ToC.

      I create a session in Session Manager. As I open the session I get the following dialogue box:




      As soon as I move that query layer from the top of the ToC, I can unlock the session and restart the editing session.


      It is almost as though Session Manager is trying to edit the query layer?


      Has anyone else seen this issue?