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    How to read ArcFM Objects in ArcGIS Pro

    Michael Bartlett

      We have an Oracle Esri Geodatabase with ArcFM Objects.  When I try to import an MXD, I can see all the objects that are regular esri objects but the ones that are ArcFM, I just get a red exclamation point.  Currently at ArcGIS 10.2.1 and ArcFM 10.2.1b


      I have ArcGIS Desktop and ArcFM on my computer, and we do have an ArcFM server (on our ArcServer machine).


      I thought if I loaded the 64 bit object reader on my desktop I could at least view the ArcFM Objects in ArcGIS Pro (1.2).


      But it won't let me install the ObjectReader_64-Bit_1021c_3135.msi on my desktop saying it requires ArcFM server.


      Do I need to go through server somehow to connect to these objects, and if so could someone walk me through the process.


      Or is there a different method.

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          The Object Reader does not apply to ArcGIS Pro as its a completely different platform which does not work with ArcObjects.


          Instead you can leverage ArcFM data in Pro through ArcFM Server or ArcGIS Server + ArcFM Object Reader for 10.2.1b. This includes the use of ArcGIS Server map and feature services.

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              Michael Bartlett

              So I can't connect directly to the database using a normal arccatalog connection like I can for Non-ArcFM feature types.  I have to set up a service on my ArcGIS / ArcFM server.


              Are these just regular map services or would I need a feature service.


              This seems over complicated to me.  Am I just not understanding the new web mentality? Does it limit what I can do in Pro (like add fields)?

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                  Juul Dijkstra

                  Hi Michael,


                  Currently, the official statement is as such that ArcFM is not supported within ArcGIS Pro. Here you can read more information in regards to that.


                  However, ArcGIS Pro does work with ArcFM objects (Direct from a SDE DB) as long as ArcGIS Pro is installed on the same machine where ArcGIS for Server is installed with either the appropriate ArcFM Object Reader (64bit) or ArcFM Server versions (Ex. ArcGIS for Server 10.4.1 with ArcFM Object Reader (64bit) or Server 10.2.1c). Furthermore, if either ArcFM Server or ArcFM Object Reader (64 bit) is present you will still only be able to view the objects / features. Editing, regardless of ArcFM Server's presence and license, currently does not work with ArcGIS Pro. I only tested in Pro 1.3 while adding fields, querying and reading a non-geometric network feature class.


                  Note that this configuration is currently not supported nor certified, but is currently under investigation by our development team (Matthew Crooks).


                  Adding to Terri's comment above, map services (non-editing with the Object Reader) and feature services (Editing with ArcFM Server) with the ArcFM Server SOE are supported with ArcGIS Pro since all requests are handled by ArcGIS for Server. If you wanted to add fields, you might need to configure the schema lock option for the feature service in order to proceed.


                  Either way, you can test the boundaries of ArcGIS Pro, but currently there is no good support for direct database access for ArcFM features.


                  - Juul