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    Config or customization in Responder?

    Hart Gilchrist

      Just curious if these two ideas are configurable in Responder 10.2.1a or I need to look into custom code...


      1)  Can the Crew Status be rolled up to show at the Incident level?  Incident Status on the main bar will cycle through Created > Crew Assigned > Restored > Completed.


      Between Crew Assigned and either Restored or Completed, the status of the crew can be cycled through Dispatched > Enroute > Arrived > Completed.

      The operator must expand each incident to see the status of the crew.  In a major event with many calls and crews this is awkward.

      Additionally, the Call Taker screen also only displays the status on the Incident and does not show if the crew is actually Enroute, Arrived or still in dispatch.


      We would like to see both statuses on the main line or both combined into one status on the main line.  Configurable?








      2)   Can the New Incident Alert box be configured to only show if the new incident arrives from a specific source.  For example, our call takers know that they input an incident and don't need to be told there is a new incident.  Additionally, in a storm event, we know that calls will be processed by the IVR and don't want to be notified of all the new incidents (things are busy enough!).  We are about to implement online\web-based outage reporting.  As an online outage report could arrive at any time (slow or busy), we'd like to trigger the New lNcident Alert for only those incidents originating from the web.  Configurable?





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          David Miller

          Hey Hart,


          Your first item is definitely custom.  In fact, I know Connexus has submitted an idea in the Responder forum for it.  The incident statuses in Responder are hard coded into the logic of the system and it is not easy to change.


          Your second item is configurable and can be found in the ControlStylesConfig.xml file.  Look for these:


                      <Appearance Key="Alert_NewIncident">

                        <Evaluator>Vbs:Now &lt; DateAdd("n", 1,[TimeCreated])</Evaluator>

                        <Caption>New Incident: [ID]</Caption>

                        <Description>Incident [ID] has just been created.</Description>



          You need to adjust the Evaluator portion of those blocks.  In fact, you can change around all those alert blocks to include an evaluator for the ORIGINATION field.  So if you didn't want to see the incidents that come from IVR, you can use the following:


               <Evaluator>Vbs:Now &lt; DateAdd("n", 1,[TimeCreated]) AND NOT ([Origination] = 100) </Evaluator>


          Where 100 would whatever value you have for IVR in your DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml in the ORIGINATION_TYPE domain.  These evaluators use VBS notation, which is kind of funky.  If you want to filter out all the IVR derived incidents in all the alerts, you need to add the bold text to all the alert evaluators.  There are three separate sets of Alerts in that config file.  Let me know if you run into issues, because I've done this more times than I care to admit.  And definitely test this out, because you can crash out the client pretty quickly.


          The one thing that might require a custom change for what you're looking for is your IVR integration.  Does it know how to flag the web-based outage reporting in the Origination field of the RX_Incident table?  Does 'Web' exist as a domain option in ORIGINATION_TYPE?

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              Hart Gilchrist

              Thanks David,


              Very helpful!  I knew we had put in a wish list item for the crew\incident status.  Was just casting a wider net to see if there was anything else out there.


              The <Evaluator> code looks reasonably straight forward.  Will give that a run in Test and see how it works.  Excellent point on making sure that 'Web' exists as a domain option in ORIGINATION_TYPE.  Is the <Domain Name="ORIGINATION_TYPE" xsi:type="CodedDomainConfig" DataType="Int32"> in DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml the only domain definition I need to update?


              Have a great 4th