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    ArcFM Designer Existing Function

    larry barnes

      In ArcFM Designer, does the existing function calculate cost of a feature that already exist? Where can I find more info on this function?

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          Stephen Pursley

          Hello Larry,


          The ‘Existing’ work function is in place within Designer to accommodate a previous functional requirement. It essentially allows a work function assignment for features which are already present in the map.


          This work function does appear within the work function tool, but OOTB selection of this option simply defaults to an ‘Install’ status for the correlating CU. This WF is, by default, not active within the WFT. A feature can be sketched as part of a design and assigned the existing status. Features or CUs assigned an ‘Existing’ status will be posted with the design. 


          Costing information for CUs selected as ‘existing’ can be assigned a separate costing structure. If this WF is utilized with the WFT, then the install costing for the correlating CU is used in the cost report.