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    Designer download

    rakesh menga

      Hi All,


      I am trying to find Designer 10.2.1a and conduit manager 10.2.1a download  link in GIS download section but could not find them. Please help me in getting those links.Thank you in Advance



      Rakesh Menga

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          Melia Brush

          Sounds like you've already found the Downloads area, but for anyone else reading this later, to access Downloads:

          1. In the green bar at the top of exchange, click You

          2. Under the Administrator column click Downloads

          3. Click GIS Downloads



          Now you just need to find the products for a specific version.  If the versions emphasized at the top (currently "Current Version" and "10.2.1b") are not what you want, scroll just a little further to the Find Downloads choices.


          answer W.png


          Pick ArcFM 10.2.1a and ArcFM Desktop, Designer, Extensions, and ArcFM Replication.  The list of downloadable files will then appear.  Designer and Conduit Manager are part of the ArcFM Desktop installer (though they require additional licensing), so download ArcFM Solution Desktop 10.2.1a SP1 (or ArcFM Solution Desktop 10.2.1a if you are not moving to SP1 yet).  When you run the installer, the install wizard has a page for choosing what components to install.  Make sure to include Designer and Conduit Manager.