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    Increase size of REMARKS field for Customer Calls in Responder Web?

    Sonya Jones

      Our customer has requested to increase the maximum number of characters for the REMARKS field when entering customer calls in Rx Web.


      I modified the CustomerInputCallsview.ascx file to increase the Maxlength to 400, restarted IIS, but I still get the error "The remarks length of {0} exceeds the maximum length of...".


                   <div class="row">

                      <span class="label">

                          <asp:Label ID="lblRemarks" runat="server" Text="Remarks" meta:resourcekey="lblRemarksResource1"></asp:Label>

                      </span><span class="form">

                          <asp:TextBox ID="txtRemarks" runat="server" Width="95%" MaxLength="400" Rows="5"

                              TextMode="MultiLine" meta:resourcekey="txtRemarksResource1"></asp:TextBox>




      Please advise if there are other files that must be modified to increase the length, or if there is a special deployment process to effect these changes in the .ascx file.@