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    TAB Key quits functioning

    Joe Onley

      On several occasions in the TARGET Section of the Attribute Editor the TAB key ceases to function..lost its focus (or way).  TAB works in all other programs.  To resolve, which is cumbersome, it requires exiting out of the program

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          Hello Joe,


          This is Terri with ArcFM Support and I'm wondering if this is happening on more than one physical system? Can you tell me what ArcFM version you are running? I do know of one issue where the tab key would jump to the very first field in Attribute Editor but this sounds like at some point pressing <TAB> does nothing at all? When this happens are you able to use the mouse to click in a field (and enter something in field)? Assuming that works does TAB simply not respond if you try it then?




          - Terri Harris, ArcFM Support

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              Joe Onley



              Kindly thanks for your interest in this situation..


              I am the only one that uses Fiber Manager and it is on one machine.


              About a half dozen times Tab ceases to function in Attribute Editor (Tab works in other programs)

              I am able to use the Mouse Click and Enter

              Closing and Reopening the Session no correction

              One time we did some sort of voodoo and moved the Attribute Editor Window and clicked around and it started working (REFOCUSED???)

              Otherwise, one must close ArcFM and restart (kind of cumbersome)


              Again, thanks!!!

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                  Do you have other users with ArcFM Desktop? Do they have any TAB problems? I have no known software issues where the TAB key just stops working. What we really need is to try this on a different machine. We can transfer the Fiber Manager license (or give you a second temporary one) for testing.




                  - Terri