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    ArcFM Fiber Manager ISP Graphical Representation

    rakesh menga



      I am writing this regarding ArcFM Fiber Manager ISP representation. As far as i know , Fiber manager do not have any provision to show graphical representation of equipment (Front and Top view), Floor Plan representation , Floor aloocation and space utilization etc.... Please let me know if there is any provision for ISP graphical representation.

      Does Schneider have this in their road map for future implementation. Looking for responses.




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          Cory Williams

          Hi Rakesh,

          Wavepoint allows visualisation of the Front of Rack (but this requires ArcGIS for Server, ArcFM Server and a Windows Webserver for IIS). It would be nice to have a visualisation of the rear of rack as well, which isn't currently support (to my knowledge). I've had a work-around for that, by having two racks with the same name, but one labelled as front and the other back. So we can visualise devices which may be mounted in the rear of the rack.


          For computer rooms / data centres, I've looked at is adding a Patch Location for each Rack, which allowed me to have racks visualised and capture any cables between racks. Downside of this is that ALL cables between racks needed to be digitized, which in a Computer Room / Data Centre, can become quite cumbersome.