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    ExportWebMap Module - Portal for ArcGIS or Windows Authentication

    Renato Salvaleon

      Can I use both authentication within my viewer?


      A user signs in with the configured windows authentication. With an AGOL/Portal Sign in widget, a user can Sign in to Portal or AGOL to enable the ArcGIS tools and use the ExportWebMapModule or View Contents in ArcFM Web viewer.


      I have a specific use application for UAVs that I'd like users to stay within the confines of Portal but since I've configured my Identity store to be Windows authentication, the ArcGIS tools are disabled. Without a sign in to Portal this group of users cannot enable and export/view within Portal for ArcGIS. I'd love to hear other options if there are any @Matthew Crooks.


      If its going to help our Portal users are automatically singed in to portal with IWA when they browse to our Portal.