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    ArcFM for Silverlight randomly cannot contact some services

    Rick Thiel

      Hello,  some background first:

      I recently installed the ArcFM Server 10.2.1b patch.  I don't know if that is causing the problems I am seeing but I thought it was worth noting.

      Windows Server 2008 R2

      Service Pack 1

      Processor: Dual 2.40 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2665 0

      RAM: 12 Gb

      Here is the rest of the software on the server:




      1.) When I use the ArcFM Server (Silverlight) Viewer it says that some of the services cannot be contacted:



      2.) When I refresh the browser, it now says that some of the other services cannot be contacted.  But, some of the services from symptom #1 are now working.  Also, some other services now "failed to load."


      3.) When I use Fiddler to watch the network traffic, I see a lot of 500 http response codes for internal server errors.  But they are right next to other entries that show a 200 http response code (success) for the same service.



      4.) However, when I try to run any of the individual REST services with ESRI's JavaScript viewer, they always work fine.



      5.) LOGS:  The event viewer logs show nothing for the Miner application.  There is nothing in the application or system logs either.  The IIS logs seem normal too.


      I would like some assistance on this, troubleshooting a bit deeper.  Thanks, -_Rick Thiel

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          Mohammad Alselek

          hi Rick Thiel,


          Why are you using Proxy to call the service?. did you try same scenario with other arcfm server version (ex 10.2.1a)?

          If you can remove the proxy url, do. because when you are opening the services in the browser you are not using the proxy.ashx.

          or check the proxy.config file if it is well configured.

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            Rick Thiel

            Followup...  I contacted Schneider technical support and we resolved this issue a few weeks ago. This is what we did...


            Previously we had an ArcFM Server 10.2.1 environment and our servers were sitting behind ACE load balancers on our network.  Recently we upgraded to ArcFM Server 10.2.1b.  Separately, our data networks team upgraded to F5 load balancers.  We also use the reverse proxy for our ArcFM Server Viewer environment, ie. Silverlight.


            It turns out that the new F5 load balancers also serve the same purpose as the reverse proxy. Therefore, the load balancers and the reverse proxy that we were using were in conflict with each other.  The solution was to remove the proxyURL settings from map layers in our Page.config file, essentially taking the reverse proxy out of the picture.  When we did that, the map layers appeared 100% of the time in the Silverlight viewer; print to PDF continued to work; and tracing still worked.  Yeah!


            Thanks to Juul Dijkstra for helping us get this situation resolved.