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    Can you incorportate ArcFM buttons into a custom ESRI add-in button?

    Kevin Fleshman

      We are trying to create a custom ESRI button to automate a workflow and need to use an ArcFM tracing command within the ESRI button. Is it possible to incorporate ArcFM buttons into an ESRI add-in tool? If so, what is/where can we find the ClassID of the ArcFM buttons so we can add it to the add-in config.xml file?


      Here is the instructions for adding an ArcMap button into an add-in: https://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2012/08/27/python-add-ins-how-to-add-built-in-commands-to-your-custom-toolbar-or-menu/


      Can we do the same thing with ArcFM commands?