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    GlobalID in Conduit Manager Relationships

    Chris Dupont


      Hi All,

      Hopefully quick confirmation question. Is it possible to have the ‘ConduitàUG Conductor’ relationships that Conduit Manager uses to be based on ‘Global ID’ values instead of Object ID values? Since we are using GlobalID values in our environment, we have created our relationships using them (though we did keep the ULSObjectID and UGObjectID names as per the instructions – we just used Global ID values instead). While we are able to associate conductors to conduit without any problems, if you right-click on a conductor that already has conductor associated with it, the application will crash with a ‘Enabled Error (Disassociate from Conduit)’




      We don’t get this error if we use the ObjectID values as per the standard build instructions, which indicates that GlobalIDs are the problem. Is there a way to configure things so that GlobalIDs can be used in Conduit Manager relationships? Or are these relationships ObjectID only?


      Thank you,