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    Possible Paths Tool?

    Cory Williams

      Hi team,

      I was just wondering where the Possible Paths tool is? I've installed ArcFM 10.2.1b Build 2252 on two separate machines and the tool isn't on the Fiber Manager toolbar?

      I've been able to add it manually, but I was just wondering if it was just in my environment, if I'm looking in the wrong place or whether anyone else has had a similar issue?





        • Re: Possible Paths Tool?
          Tim Szekely

          Hi Cory,


          As you've found, this tool isn't included in the Fiber Manager toolbar by default (or any other toolbar). There are actually a few Fiber Manager tools that don't appear on the toolbar (e.g. the Fiber Conflict Resolution Tool) and I think this is to keep the UI from getting even more cluttered.   The desire is to start with a fixed number of controls on the toolbar, and allow users to customize the toolbar with the features they find the most useful.


          It is probably a good time to revisit the controls that are included by default, Brian Mckelvey; it's not a major problem but it is one that would add convenience for our customers.