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    Process Framework Deployment for mulitple ArcFM Databases on a single SQL Instance

    Haydn Dyer

      Hi There,


      I am about to setup the process framework\session manager for multiple ArcFM Geodatabases that reside on the same SQL Server instance i.e. I have 5 separate ArcFM geodatabases one for water, one for recycled water, one for wastewater etc. etc.


      All geodatabases will use the same process framework configurations.


      Do I deploy the process framework in each geodatabase or do I create a separate database to install process framework that will be used for all databases?


      Are both options even possible or will only one of these option work due to the way sessions\versions are related\managed?  what are the benefits of doing this one way vs the other?


      Is there any considerations I need to take into account when setting it up either way? e.g. Will this effect the Database IDs I should use when configuring each database  (in the process framework administrator>extensions>database ID)


      FYI I am working with version 10.2.1b