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    Labelling Patch Leads

    Cory Williams

      Hi all,

      I've been asked about being able to add labels to patch leads within Fiber Manager.


      At present, the Patch Leads are currently labelled on existing diagrams and there has been a request to carry this information across.

      The only way I can think to get around this would be to add a flexible model, based upon the Fiber Optic Cable model, except without the geometry.

      Then allow users to add this via Location Editor, as required for each Patch Lead.


      Two questions:

      1) Is there anything on the Road Map for managing patch leads in Fiber Manager

      2) Could you see any potential issues with the above mentioned work around?





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          David Miller

          We kinda model our pigtails in Fiber Manager.  On the BACKSIDEPORT table, we added a column for PIGTAILCOLOR and gave it a color domain.


          While not a patch lead, our method might work for you.  You'd have add a PATCHLEADCOLOR column to all the ports that your leads would connect to.  Then you could label off that column.  It really depends on how much info about the patch lead you need.  If you need some manufacturer info about the lead, you could add those columns as well.  Yes, there would be a duplication of data entry and you'd have to keep both ends of the lead in mind when you edit.  You could get those columns in without a lot of trouble or concern with messing up the Fiber schema.


          I imagine you could utilize the flexible data model and add a patch lead table, but the difficulty might depend on where you are at with your Fiber Manager system.  New implementation that you're building out now?  Pretty easy.  Existing implementation?  That might be harder to get wedged in there.  Someone from SE can comment on that though.

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              Cory Williams

              Hi David,

              cheers for that. Yes this is a new implementation. Having comments on both ports can work and it prevents having a multitude of Patch Leads in the drop down menus in Connection Manager. I'll model both in Minerville and I'll see how users want to proceed.