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    Can two installs of designer be present on one database?

    Jason Dietrich

      Our enterprise GIS is currently using ArcFM 10.2.1.  We have two separate groups of editors: gas and electric.  Currently, our electric editors leverage designer while our gas editors work out of sessions.  Moving forward, there's talk of a desire to migrate the gas editors into a design environment.  They want the environment to reside on the same database, but with a separate designer install (separate work order numbers, separate design numbers, etc)  The intent is to keep the gas and electric designs 100% compartmentalized, but to reside on the same server.  What is Schneider's recommendation for implementing this?

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          Josh Pritt

          Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you can have two "separate" Designer installs in one database.

          But one way to separate gas and electric designs is to have the design "type" set to Gas or Electric.  This is set in a drop down on the right side form.  So when gas users create designs they would set it to Gas type.  Then electric would set it to Electric type.

          Design Tabs

          You could then build a custom filter that would show only Gas or Electric designs(and their work orders).

          Then create a GAS_DESIGNER and ELEC_DESIGNER px role in the Process Framework Admin tool.

          Then make sure only GAS_DESIGNER role is selected on your Gas Filter and ELEC_DESIGNER on your Electric Filter.

          Then the gas users can click the gas filter to show only the gas designs and it will remember this filter and automatically select it each time the user opens workflow manager (since WFM remembers the last filter used and selects that on start).

          This is just one way to separate the two types of designs.

          You could even create more custom subtasks and tasks to create a gas design with the type already selected as gas (and another for electric).  Then make sure only the correct PX role is selected to see each of those tasks.

          Correct me if I'm wrong or if there is a better way to implement this.  This is just the first idea that I thought of to accomplish having gas and electric types in the same DB.