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    Composite favourites does not reflect valus in related tables

    Martin Kral



      I would like to ask you if attributes in related tables should be reflected in composite favorite item.

      For example: I have feature class (FC3T) related though its attribute KOD to table's (TAB3T) primary key (OBJECTID). Relationship is simple, no messaging, with cardinality many (FC3T) to one (TAB3T).

      When I select some feature in FC3T and try to create system composite favorite after clicking "add related object" I can not see any attributes in related tables record TAB3T.

      When I create new feature of FC3T with usage of new composite favourite, it create also new record in TAB3T and link it appropriately, but with null values in attributes of new TAB3T record.


      for  screen-cast please see



      Is there any way how to get attributes of related table records into composite favorite (except define them manually)?