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    Failed layers while publishing Fiber Manager features to a Map Service

    Steffan Iverson

      Hello everyone!


      Our company has set up ArcMap 10.2.1, ArcMap Server, and SQL server 2014 with Fiber Manager, to host our fiber optic connection information. We want contractors to be able to access the map of fiber connection remotely through an ArcOnline map. We have done this in the past by publishing a Service from ArcMap with the layers we want, creating a mobile data service from that. However, there are failures when trying to publish features from the Fiber database in the SQL Server. The specific data layer we need is called FiberOpticCable (full path is FIBER.FIBER.FiberOpticCable). Uploading to Arc Server, I get this error when publishing it as a mobile data service:


      Service started with errors  test2.MapServer:
      Instance of service 'test2.MapServer' started with errors. The base table definition string "FiberOpticCable" is invalid

      However, layers from an adjacent sde database in the SQL server publish just fine. Also, I can export the FiberOpticCable feature to this other database, and it uploads fine. I don't want to export this data every time I want to publish it to the server. ESRI sql server development people don't know what to do. Any ideas? Thanks!