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    ArcFM Geodatabase Manager(10.2.1b) license is not available

    Srikanth Dasari



      We are using ESRI ArcGIS 10.2.1 and ArcFM 10.2.1b. Able to install and configure these desktop versions on 32bit operating system.

      After installing and configuring the ArcFM GDB Manager 10.2.1b on the same system able to post the plain versions from ArcMap to GDB manager Post Queue.


      We are developing action handler using .net Framework 3.5 c# to process these versions, successfully integrated developed action handler with GDB Manager. When executing this action handler we are facing below issue and unable to proceed further.



      28/12/2015 9:43:35 PM : ArcInfo license status: esriLicenseAvailable

      28/12/2015 9:43:35 PM : ArcInfo license available, attempting checkout...

      28/12/2015 9:43:35 PM : Successfully checked out ArcInfo license.

      28/12/2015 9:43:35 PM : ArcFM Geodatabase Manager license status: mmLicenseUnavailable.

      28/12/2015 9:43:35 PM : ArcFM Geodatabase Manager license is not available.

      28/12/2015 9:44:35 PM : Service timer elapsed event 28/12/2015 9:44:35 PM.

      28/12/2015 9:44:35 PM : Attempting single license checkout...

      28/12/2015 9:44:35 PM : Determined product codes for licensing from configuration, ESRI: ArcInfo, TM&M: ArcFM Geodatabase Manager.



      Thanks in Advance