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    Hybrid Architecture for ArcFM Mobile

    Paul Stean



      I have a view of ArcFM mobile architecture that shows full network model in the cloud. I've seen elsewhere on this forum that it is possible to have the network model in the existing ArcGIS database access directly, without the need to synchronise to the cloud, and then have just the work data and data edits captured in the cloud.


      What does this look like from an architecture view? If the end user device is on the corporate LAN via VPN, does it connect directly to the ArcGIS database, or are there ArcFM server-side services required to be deployed? Is there a diagram available that shows this as a reference architecture?





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          Paul Stean

          Also - if this hybrid architecture is available - does it pick up network model, basetiles all from ArcGIS server?

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            James Wright

            ArcFM Mobile clients can communicate to our cloud service, esri's cloud services, or your own internal ArcGIS Server/ArcFM Server instances.


            The client would not connect directly to a database or sde but ArcGIS Server instead. So for example, one of the layers the ArcFM Mobile client could be configured to communicate with could be a Dynamic Tile Layer of your FM network hosted on your own internal servers behind a VPN. This would require you deploy a ArcGIS/ArcFM Server instance.


            Hopefully this helps clarify your questions.