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    Default Values (Create Related Object/Attribute Editor)

    Jason Hickerson

      I have been researching and attempting through trial and error to figure out how to assign default values to show up for subtypes in the Create Related Object tool. I have a a table with multiple subtypes; and each subtype has default values for fields such as description. When I use the ArcFM Create Related Object tool and choose a subtype all the fields except subtype are blank; even though I set default values in the feature class. If I use ESRI's Create Feature tool the default values populate correctly. Is there a step or process I need to do in order to make my feature class subtype field defaults show up in the ArcFM Create Related Object tool. Would the process be the same to assign defaults for the ArcFM Create Features tools as well.


      Jason Hickerson, GISP

      Chugach Electric Association, Inc.