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    Problem with ArcFM locator search (case insensitive) on joined table

    Martin Kral



      I think there is a bug in ArcFM locator attribute search on joined table.

      I have one feature class and one table joined with keep only matching join. Attribute search in ArcMAP works fine even if the condition is for column of joined table.

      ArcFM locator attribute search  does not work (when case sensitive search is not used) and works fine when "Use case sensitive search" is checked.

      For details you can see



      I found that when query should be case insensitive it does not work because when I ask for value "Chlumec" it is change value in SQL condition for "CHLUMEC" which can not be found.

      When I checked "Use case sensitive search" it worked as expected.


      Simply for ArcFM loactor case insensitive search does not work at least with joined data.

      On our client's side behavior is the same as described above.


      Is it known bug?


      My configuration

      SDE 10.2.1 on Oracle 11gR2

      ArcGIS 10.2.1 on Windows 7 64bit

      ArcFM 10.2.1.b




      Best regards