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    ArcFM Mobile: Five Important Questions to Ask

    Kamal Hassan

      Q1: Cloud Versus Local Storage; We know that the utility GIS network data can be stored locally and hosted using ArcGIS server to be available for ArcFM Mobile, but what about the workflow data (photos, files, and properties), is there a possibility to have them stored in the Utility local Database?


      Q2: ArcFM Server Versus ArcFM Mobile; What is the future of ArcFM server (Silverlight)? Do you see both Mobile and Server converging into one solution?


      Q3: Mobile Integration; Is there a plan to integrate ArcFM Mobile with other solutions such as Designer and Responder? Will it be possible to integrate ArcFM Mobile with other Workflow Management Systems (SharePoint as an example)?


      Q4: Extending ArcFM Mobile; will the ArcFM Mobile clients be able to extend the functionality of the solution and to develop on top of it? 


      Q5: Current Deployments: How many utilities are now using ArcFM Mobile?


      Ramesh CowlagiDHEERAJ BAJAJ