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    ArcFM Locator - show all tables - not working properly on replicated file geodatabase on 10.2.1aSP1

    Jim Kyle



      We utilize the ArcFM Locator - Attribute Query - Show all tables , on our replicated electric data file geodatabase.  This tool always worked by showing all tables when the Show All Tables radio button was clicked.

      After we installed ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine 10.2.1aSP1 - it no longer shows all tables.   This problem seems to occur only against our replicated file geodatabase.   (It doesn't matter if the replication was using sp1 or not).

      (I cannot replicate the problem with minerville).


      Is anybody else experiencing this same issue at 10.2.1aSP1 - or does anybody know if this is a known issue?