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    Transmission Networks

    Jason Hickerson

      Thank you for the advice I have received on this forum. I am trying to get some ideas of what we should look out for or keep in mind if we develop transmission infrastructure into a traceable geometric network through feeder manager integrated with distribution or as a separate entity. Has anyone here moved in that direction or know of anyone who has with transmission?


      Jason Hickerson

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          David Miller

          Are you using Extended Feeder Manager or Feeder Manager 2.0?  Regular Feeder Manager (or Feeder Manager 1.0, as it's called now) can't really handle truly modeling transmission networks as they are typically giant loops.  Extended FM and FM 2.0 can do it, but they take some work to configure properly.


          Couple other things to note: you can only have one geometric network per feature dataset.  So if you want the trace transmission into distribution, the transmission features will need to participate in the distribution network.  If you don't care about tracing through both of them, you can build a separate transmission dataset and build a separate geometric network there.


          We have our transmission system in GIS, but it does not participate in any geometric network.