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    How do find a deleted switch order?

    Cree Goodwin

      I'm looking in on our responder database for a switching order that has been deleted.  Any ideas where to look?  Thanks!

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          Nicholas Wanke

          I'd look in the Switch Order History table to try to find a reference to it.  That way, you can potentially tie back to the related history tables and get information about the deleted order (e.g. operations, tags, etc).  That will probably be the only way to recover info about a deleted record (assuming you truly mean deleted and not archived).

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            David Miller

            Nick is right.  Digging through these tables is NOT fun and you'll have to have a pretty good understanding of how Responder uses these tables to walk through the history.  But if you really need to get the information back, you'll have to use the following tables:


               SWITCHING_ORDERS_HISTORY - this will contain the information on the switch order 'header', such as order name, and switching_order_ID.  Switching_Order_ID is what you'll need in the next table.

               OPERATIONS_HISTORY - This table contains all the individual steps from the switching order.


            In general, here's what I would do:

            1. Export OPERATIONS_HISTORY to Excel
            2. Sort on the Order_ID field
            3. Copy out the Order_ID records that match the Switching_Order_ID you are wanting to a new Excel table
            4. On those copied records, sort on the CHANGE_DATE column.
            5. Now see if you can piece together what that order said before it was deleted.  The STATUS column can be helpful, as any records with a status of DELETE typically were the last valid record before the order was deleted.
            6. The only way to "bring the order back to life" is to manually create a new one.  You cannot restore an order from these tables and I wouldn't even try because it will majorly foul up Responder.