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    What causes error:  Error storing <feature> ... feature object does not have a valid shape.

    Jim Kyle

      I have a simple arcobjects custom program that is updating a text field in a feature.  (like feature.set_value(label,value), and then feature.store(). On the Store() method some features are reporting this error,
      "There was an error storing elbow - System.Runtime.Interop.Services.ComException(0x80041002): The feature does not have a valid shape. [class name=, object id = 11395]


      It seems if this feature is then edited with out of the box ArcMap/ArcFM tools and then the custom program ran again - the invalid shape error doesn't occur again.


      My question is:  What constitutes an "Invalid Shape" and what can I do to find all "invalid shapes" currently existing within a feature table?  Data Reviewer doesn't identify these features as having invalid geometry so what would? (other than my custom program).



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          Josh Pritt

          When you edit with OOTB tools are you just changing an attribute or moving it around / snapping it to a wire, etc.?

          Since the error doesn't give the class name and just the object ID have you verified that Object ID is the same as the elbow your tool is trying to edit?  Or is it the OID of the wire it's connected to?  It could be the shape of the wire it's snapped to that ESRI is complaining about.  You may also want to check the wire near that elbow to see if there's any overlapping wire features or strange vertex placed in strange places.

          This could be a geometric network related issue where it's not snapped correctly, etc.

          Or it could be something to do with the actual elbow feature itself.

          Have you tried using the geometry repair tool?

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