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    Switched from FM 1.0 to Feeder Manager 2.0 - couple of issues

    Tami Onstad

      I have a test environment where I have set up Feeder Manager 2.0 (converted from FM 1.0, chose option to keep the old FM 1.0 fields and new FM 2.0 in sync).


      1.  If I open ArcMap and drag in my geometric network from ArcCatalog (which then brings in all the features included in the network), then I can select a feature and the new Feeder ID's field is displayed in the ArcFM attribute window.  If I open a stored display with various electric layers (not a 1-1 match with same layers that are included in the geometric network) and select the same feature, I do NOT see the Feeder ID's field in the attribute window.  It's almost as if the stored display does not recognize that I am using FM 2.0 because it is missing some necessary layers in the TOC?


      2.  When I see the Feeder ID's field in the attribute window, it is highlighted red and is not showing the domain value for Feeder ID from the CircuitSource table.  Is this by design?


      Is this just me misunderstanding the way this is supposed to work?  I'm not very familiar with Feeder Manager to begin with so determining if this is working correctly in a new version is tricky.




      Tami Onstad

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          Hi Tami,


          1. In the stored display, can you right click the feature class that you do not see the Feeder IDs field for and select Joins and Relates and then select 'Join FM2.0 Feeder Info Fields".  You should see the FeederIDs fields if the Join FM2.0 Feeder Info Fields option is checked.


          2. For the Feeder IDs in you CricuitSource table, are you saying that they are controlled by a Domain?  If you would like, we can create a support ticket and take a look at your data to get a better understanding of the issue you are facing.