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    Sonya Jones

      Please clarify what is the meaning of a 'loadpoint'?  Our understanding is that a loadpoint is a single device that transmits electricity and is associated to an individual service point.


      We have seen CUSTOMER_COUNT = 0 and CUSTOMER_COUNT = 1.  We assume that the 0 counts are when there is no electric outage.  Is this assumption correct?


      Would a scenario ever exist where the CUSTOMER_COUNT value, per row, in RX_LOADPOINTS is > 1?

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          Nicholas Wanke

          A loadpoint is basically a single physical location where electricity is being served, on a per customer basis.  A loadpoint can contain zero or 1 customers.


          Zero customer counts would denote a location that is modeled as a loadpoint, but there is no corresponding Customer record.  However, if a location is modeled as a loadpoint in our data (a single physical location where electricity is being served), then it will get a loadpoint generated for an outage whether a customer exists or not.  Therefore, this is still considered an electric outage in counts, as long as there is a loadpoint.  Loadpoints are the main pieces of data used in calculating outage statistics for reliability reports in Responder.


          There will never be a customer count greater than 1.  If a single phsyical location has more than one electric customer (such as with an apartment building), there will be one loadpoint created for each corresponding customer record.