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    Temporarily disable Autoupdaters?

    Jeremy Boecker

      Is there a quick way to temporarily disable all autoupdaters but still be able to do some basic edit tasks on all ArcFM features? I want to experiment with some edits in a version; the edits will involve slight modifications to entire feeders' primary wire, and for all the updaters to fire off on every connected object would cause some slowness; I'd rather just do the edits and then run the "Trace a Feeder" tool once I'm done to refresh the trace weights, etc. I'm wondering if there's a quicker way to disable the autoupdaters than going into ArcCatalog, and then into the ArcFM properties for each feature class, and unassigning the updaters. Also, I'd want them to be disabled only for myself; for the other employees working on the database I'd want the updaters to still function as normal. Maybe some VBA code?? Thanks for any guidance on this!